Shelving Systems

Shelving Systems

Dimax Multi Purpose Shelving

The Superior Racking and Shelving Shelving Systems  are versatile products available in a wide range of sizes to enable individual solutions to be tailored to client requirements.

It is quick and easy to assemble with the main components simply hooking and locking together to provide a strong rigid structure.

With a full range of accessories, choice of upright styles, and flexibility to increase shelf capacities, the system is ideal for providing storage solutions ranging from simple low rise shelving accessed by pedestrian operatives through to high rise installations requiring access via raised walkways or mechanical order picking equipment.


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Some Examples of Shelving

Standard Shelving

The DIMAX system consists of the D10, D20, D30 and D40 models which differ in terms of the particular uprights, the configuration of the side panels and the resulting storage capacity. The DIMAX patented surfaces feature a longitudinal Z-shaped section and are available in ZM and ZD versions according to carrying capacity. A broad range of accessories, such as storage units, drawer units, partitions, coat-hanger bars, side panels, rear panels and doors enhance the DIMAX system giving it ample adaptability for different uses. Quick assembly, sturdiness and modularity make the DIMAX multiuse shelves the perfect solution for all storage requirements distinguished by manual packing.

Cantilever Shelving

M90 is a single-upright system with projecting shelves, ideal when front uprights are not required. Besides the system’s intrinsic features, the M90 stands out for its huge variety of shelves and accessories, which make it suitable for storing many different types of goods. Featuring fasteners with great structural strength, the M90 system has been conceived to allow building multi-storey storage, including of considerable height, and features a series of component parts specifically dedicated to the mezzanine.
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Plastic Shelving

Plastic Shelving is used in the food industry and the make up can fill any room to it's maximum. This hard wearing shelving can be fixed to castors and be moved around easily.

Superior Racking and Shelving's Shelving Systems come in many dimensions, styles, sizes, types and brands. For more information on our different types of shelving :

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