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Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Racking

Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Racking

Pallet racking or block off racking isles are a storage system to leverage vertical space to store materials and products, whether palletized loads or single items.

Operators usually use forklifts to retrieve and place pallets and other products stored on the shelves. Block-off racking as a storage system is quite popular.

What are the different pallet rack parts? 

There are numerous pallet racking components that comprise the shelving:

  • Clips
  • Crossbars
  • Baseplates
  • Braces
  • Horizontal beams
  • Upright frames

Pallet Racking types 

Overall, most of the racking systems belong to 2 main categories: High-density and low-density.

The benefit of low-density racking systems is that they offer better selectivity. Whereas, high-density racking systems do the opposite.

What are the advantages of block off racking? 

Pallet racking allows you to leverage the vertical space to store materials and other products in your facility without mounting the horizontal footmark.

The advantages of pallet racking include: 

  • Allow you to save pallets easily and quickly
  • Helps avert mutilation of products on the ground from impacts, moisture, pests etc.
  • Keeps the facility organised
  • Maximizes space operation by taking the benefit of vertical space
  • Saves dollars by dropping the cost per order

Do you need to block off racking? 

Though many facilities use it to block off racking, it might not be necessary for you. For example, many beverage silos use block stacking (floor stacking). You can discuss more this with the industrial shelving service providers such as Superior Racking to find more details.

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