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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors Direct, part of the trusted Superior Racking & Shelving  Group, offer a complete solution for custom mezzanine floor installations. We will run you through your desired setup from the early planning stage, through the concept design stage right up to the end of construction. We also offer an excellent after-care service to ensure that you are content with every detail of your mezzanine floors installation.

We cater to every audience in the construction of custom mezzanine floors solutions, be it for commercial, retail, storage, warehousing, industrial or office purposes. Whatever your requirements; we can design mezzanine flooring concepts to suit you!

For each order, we will appoint a personal mezzanine floors installation manager. You can then contact this member of our experienced staff team directly to voice any issues, suggestions, or questions which you may have regarding your order. This installation manager will help you throughout the course of your mezzanine flooring installation, from creating the original order all the way up to the end of the construction of the project. This will guarantee a hassle-free service at all times.

Below you will find the information we require to offer an initial quote:

How would you like your Mezzanine Floor?

We will tailor the design of your Mezzanine Floor and provide you with a more accurate based on the following requirements:


Please provide us with length and width dimensions of your floor, along with the desired height of the finished floor. Also provide details of any height clearance that will be required under the floor.


Please provide details of the grid pattern required for the support columns of the mezzanine floor sand if you have any specific special requirements.


Please provide details of the load capacity/weight requirements of your mezzanine floors installation and what application your mezzanine flooring is to have.


Please provide details on whether stairs and/or handrail protection are needed and in what location these are required.r.


Please let us know if you need pallet gates, custom decking, fire rating, or other extras and/or special requirements for your custom mezzanine floor solution.

Customised Solutions

We understand that your mezzanine floor requirements are unique, so if you require something that you can’t see on this page, please get in touch as we cover the whole spectrum.

Need a quote or further information?

One of our helpful staff will be delighted to help you to pick out a product and type of pallet racking to suit your needs. Contact us now to ask about our racking and shelving systems and get the SUPERIOR quality at the BEST VALUE prices around.