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We provide solutions for Office Partitioning & Interiors

Office Partitioning & Interior can allow easy adjustment of storage heights and configurations. It incorporates a wide range of frame and beam sizes making it simple to customise an installation that meets your exact needs.

The benefits of office partitioning 


Office partitions can actually be seen as one of the most stylish elements of the modern working environment. With so many different styles, designs and materials to choose from you can make your office truly unique. You can have your partitioning branded with your company logo, images or key colours to add your own stamp onto things and transform them into a stand-out feature for your new office that you will proud of.


Office partitions are so much more cost-effective than trying to divide an office using permanent walls. Depending on the level of quality and design that you need from your partitions, they can be a fairly inexpensive investment to your office. It has been proven that staff morale increases when they are working in a better work environment which in turn increase productivity in the workplace.

Increases Light

Glass partitions will increase the flow of light throughout your premises. Even office partitions with those with partially glazed windows can make a significant improvement in brightening up a dark space that allows much more light to pass through – making for a brighter, more airy environment. Natural light has been proven to make employees happier at work, after all, who wants to work in a dimly lit office.


Open-plan offices have their benefits because having those sterile isolated cubicles reduces morale. But you still need to have separate areas for meetings and privacy which is the number 1 reason that our clients require partitioning in the first place. When you have an open plan office having meetings isn’t practical. So we can design, supply and install stylish soundproofed partitions, to have meetings that will impress not just your employees but your clients too.


Your business is constantly evolving and so should your office layout. It isn’t practical to build solid walls that may need to be taken down at some point in the future. Businesses change all of the time; the way they work and the number of employees can change at any time. With partitions, you have the ability to have them quickly installed and removed or relocated whenever you want, with minimal disruption.

Create a work environment you can be proud of with Office Partitioning

Here are some of the Office Partitioning solutions we offer:

Glass office partitioning in Dublin Ireland


Glass partitioning is a popular choice because having more glass features they can give any office a brighter airer feel for a contemporary modern place to work.

It’s not always possible to relocate your company to a modern glass-fronted building, which is why glass partitions are a great alternative to enhance your current office. You can achieve many different looks with frosting, printing designs or your logo to add unique styles and designs to your glazing.

Artificial lighting can only do so much, so it’s a great idea to enhance this with the introduction of as much natural lighting as possible by installing glass partitioning that can transform your working environment into a brighter, more energetic place.

Wooden office partition in Dublin Ireland


Timber or wood partitioning has been a favourite for years in the office fit-out and design industry because they bring a natural, traditional and sophisticated look, whilst creating a sense of warmth and classiness.

Timber partitioning systems are available in different types of wood such as solid wood or veneer finished MDF. Non-load bearing timber partitions come with timber faced trims, glazing sections, door frames with skirting boards that make them easy to relocate f needed at some point in the future.

They look impressive just about anywhere; from reception areas to boardrooms and conference rooms or hallways. With so many popular wood options to choose from such as oak, beech, maple, cherry and many more, there’s a finish that will suit you.

Aluminium offie partitioning new and used in Dublin Ireland


Aluminium partitions are one of the most durable partitioning systems available that are often considered to be a permanent solution when in fact they are a temporary solution too.
They are available in solid units, with part or full glazing and are quick and easy to install with minimal disruption and, can be uninstalled and relocated when needed.

The aluminium partitioning frames can be powder coated and joints can be covered with aluminium cover trims or taped & filled to give a flush wall finish if required. One of the main advantages of aluminium partitions is the variety of finishes and styles available. They really work well with blinds to give your office a sleek professional feel that can be installed in the cavity to provide great functionality and purpose to increase privacy.

So if office partitions are the ideal solution for your ever-changing working environment or you want to increase morale by having an office space to be proud of; get in touch with us below so that we can have a chat to discuss all the various options available to you.

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