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Superior Racking and Shelving’s Adjustable Pallet Racking – APR is versatile, adjustable, comes in a light or heavy duty construction system which can be used to create many styles of storage installation. Individually designed and constructed to suit our clients’ requirements based on site conditions and mode of operation

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Superior Racking and Shelving’s Pallet Racking systems come in many dimensions, styles, sizes, types, and brands.

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Porta pallet Racking

APR12 Pallet Racking consists of a body of frames, connected by horizontal beams, allowing storage on vertical loading levels. The groups of racks are separated by aisles of varying sizes, according to specific requirements. This is the simplest and most widespread application of the APR12 system.

Thanks to the use of special beams and galvanised plates creating “loading levels”, the APR12 Pallet Racking is also able to operate manually (picking) storage of different load units such as boxes, crates, containers, etc. The possibility of carrying out multi-tier racking systems with load bearing walkways further widens the range of guaranteeing the most effective solution to all problems.

Drive-In Pallet Racking

APR12 is ideal thanks to its rigidity. According to the plant’s specific characteristics, each time the above can be completed and reinforced with horizontal and vertical cross bracing components, or suitable “brace towers”, that are necessary with big plants having double front access. The load bearing structures can be protected from fork lifts accidental hits, by the use of specifically designed upright protectors. Finally there are floor guides that help access to fork lifts and their route along the aisles

Gravity Fed Racking

APR12 Gravity-Fed Racking is characterized by the presence of aisles with rolls. It represents an ideal solution to the high density storage racking, if the Drive-In Pallet Racking is inadequate. Such a solution limits the products to a single aisle, creating a more ordered storage system; the pallet is always aligned to the loading side, with a significant increase in productivity. Gravity-Fed Racking uses FIFO logic (first in first out), by which the first to enter is the first one out, an essential factor when storing material of a perishable nature.

Push Back Racking

APR12 Push-Back Racking is a “simplified” solution of “pass-through” Gravity-Fed Racking and is used in all those cases where FIFO logic is not essential, and therefore the last pallet in can be the first pallet out. With respect to Drive-In Pallet Racking, it presents the advantage of not having the forklift insert itself into the aisles. The whole complex is characterised by its structural stability. It offers maximum space advantage, with only one front for both loading and unloading.

Live Carton Racking

APR12 Live Carton Storage stands for the most efficient response to the need of disposing of a dynamic system for load units not particularly heavy, of small-medium sizes, such as boxes, plastic or metal containers.

Automatic Storage

APR12, for its technical features, is particularly suitable for Automatic Storage Systems with stacker cranes or other automatic movement systems. The vertical characteristic elements and an adequate range of accessories enable the design and realization of Automatic Storage Systems in which various loading articles, from pallets to containers, from drawers to boxes, can be placed and moved even in considerable-sized structures.

Cantilever Racking

The Cantilever Racking, even if considered belonging to APR12, is a category on its own. It uses in fact special structures for all key components starting from the uprights. The various elements, therefore, have a completely different concept and design from the APR12 line.

Pallet flow rail system Dublin Ireland

Flow-Rail Pallet Racking

Flow-rail pallet racking is a non-motorised system designed for pallet storage up to 10 feet deep that can be installed on new or in some instances on existing selective racks. It’s a last-in-first-out system from 3 up to 10 pallets deep with rails that are not inclined. Flow-Rail can be operated using conventional forklift trucks.

Mobile Racking Dublin Ireland

Mobile Racking

Mobile racking is the perfect solution if storage space is scarce ore expensive compared to conventional pallet racking systems and as a result, it leads to a significant decrease in overhead costs. Mobile racking enables compact storage so that each individual pallet is accessible and offers adaptable storage for operations where the size and weight of the pallets can’t be predicted.

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