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Machine guard fencing with Troax Partitioning

Troax Partitioning with Machine Guard Fencing is an excellent choice for maximum Machine Safety and is fully compliant with the new Machinery Directive. The new Machinery Directive places strict demands on machine safety in modern-day industrial environments. Utilising our experience of mesh panels, Troax partitioning is ideally positioned to offer well- developed modular Machine Guard Fencing systems to suit your application.

Mesh Panels for a wide range of applications including Storage Cages, Warehouse Partitioning & Anti-Collapse Screens for racking. Troax Cetus Mesh Panels for an economical Storage Solution for Self-Storage Units, including Apartment or Basement Storage.

Troax Partitioning has developed a range of Self-Storage Units for residential properties. Whether it is for a new construction or if you are planning a renovation, Troax has a Storage Solution to suit your unique requirements for space and security.

Superior Racking and Shelving Ltd’s Troax partitioning systems come in many dimensions, styles, sizes, types and brands. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our different types of Troax partitioning :


Our troax machine guarding systems are designed and produced in accordance with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive. Our products include:

Posts. We can supply between the 60×40 mm post and the 80×80 mm post that are suitable for areas that are at risk of collision or impact.

Panels. We can supply different panels for different needs such as mesh, polycarbonate, and sheet metal panels.

Doors. Our selection of doors can be hinged, sliding, telescopic and linear doors that are available in standard widths and bespoke sizes too.

Fixings. Our range of fixings complete the system. They are combined with the right panels and posts for your applications that provide maximum safety.


Torax warehouse partitioning is so versatile as it can be used in so many ways:

Partitioning walls. Our mesh walls are adaptable for high or low assembly providing a range of safety levels for your warehouse.

Pallet racking enclosures. Our mesh panels are a system of walls developed to fit all types of storage spaces and industrial premises.

Shelving. Our shelves are made from steel mesh and they can easily be customised to solve almost every warehouse storage requirements

Data centres. Our mesh panels allow excellent air circulation for computers and servers so that are secure and so that they don’t overheat.


Property owners use troax mesh panel storage system as a storage solution for their tenants that provide good light, ventilation & security. Our 3 main solutions are:

Cages. Our mesh cages can be used both indoors and outdoors as a permanent or temporary storage solution in various properties.

Vehicle storage. Our mesh troax offers security for theft-prone properties such as bikes and pushchairs that creates a clutter-free property.

Self-storage. Our mesh partitions have been developed specifically for self-storage facilities and for basements in shared buildings.

Panels. This is a bespoke solution to create storage in areas that aren’t usually suitable for normal use such as basements.

So if troax partitions are the ideal solution get in touch with us below so that we can have a chat to discuss all the various options available.

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